Fire Engineering

SPL Fire Safety are a leading Fire Engineering, Fire Safety Professional Consultancy Company. We bring a continuous and unwavering commitment to finding innovative, creative ways to deliver more for less. Our goal is to ensure the client receives the best possible solutions, consistently deliver cost effective, quality solutions that represent best value for money.

We have an experienced, outstanding team who have the vision, expertise and drive to deliver unparalleled results. We never rest on our laurels – ultimately we understand that it is only by constantly delivering great value that we will retain and build upon the long-term relationships that we have built with our client base.

From initial concept to completion, we work with clients, architects and approving bodies at every stage of a project to ensure a smooth transition from a concept to completion.

Computational Fluid Dynamic Modelling (CFD)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve and analyse problems that involve fluid flow. CFD modelling is used to evaluate smoke movement within premises. Evaluation of smoke movement can be used to design smoke control system for atrium, large open warehouses and shopping malls. CFD modelling can lead to extended travel distances and open balconies, therefore, creating more aesthetically pleasing, useable and rentable space.