Pre-consultation Building Regulation submissions

SPL Fire Safety is able to provide solutions to your Building Regulations submissions. SPL Fire Safety have many years of experience in dealing with Building Regulations submissions so we can help your design meet the functional requirements of Approved Document B through passive design criteria or alternatively using a fire engineered solution.

Licensing Submissions

SPL Fire Safety can produce your Fire Risk Assessment and Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) plans as required under the Licensing Act 2003. All plans submitted for application should be to a scale of 1:100.

Emergency Planning Consultation Services

Does your company have the necessary procedures in place in the unfortunate event of a fire occurring? Most companies do not and that is where SPL can advise and tailor your Fire Risk Assessment to meet your needs.

OFSTED Requirements

All businesses registered under OFSTED require a written Fire Risk Assessment. There is no exemption for small businesses e.g. a one person child minding business. SPL Fire Safety specialise in Fire Risk Assessments for OFSTED registered premises, especially child minding premises. It is important to be aware that even if you are a child minding business operating from your own home you still need a Fire Risk Assessment. Failure to comply with the regulations could invalidate your insurance.

CQC Requirements

All premises that are registered with the Care Quality Commission require a Fire Risk Assessment. This type of premises has seen a significant number of incidents in the last few years and has come under the scrutiny of the Fire and Rescue Services. A robust Fire Risk Assessment is required which makes provision for the people who live there and the special care / requirements they need. SPL Fire Safety are specialists in this area and are able to consult with local Fire Authorities on your behalf to save you time and additional expenditure.